The machine is cleaned regularly and still looks like new although over 10 years old but recently it has been making a churning noise from the pump and noticed the water reservoir not filling all the way or not filling. 8 have turn off and on after resting it for 30 minutes and it will make another sheet but 5he same thing. The water flow each time I start the machine is strong as always but can’t figure out the problem. I’m pretty handy and have replaced parts over the years but this one has me stumped and nothing is on the internet with these systoms.

Model Number
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What have you tried so far?

I have poured cups of water into water res to see if it will make ice after first drop. Ice cutting wires are good, water flow seems good, could it be a thermistor telling the unit is full of Ice?
I can probably get parts manual on line but most of that material is not in home.
If video would help I can send one or make one .


I there are 20-25 possibilities for the condition you are explaining. Go to the (Technical diagnostics mode and service information) run the unit through the diagnostic mode for any error codes. Then go to section 6-2 in the job aid link below. This will walk you through each item to check and then you can go to component testing on page 5-1 verify the component is defective. I provided a link to a Whirlpool under counter video series, Whirlpool makes Kitchen Aid Ice machines . These video’s are not free unless you have a membership or pay $7.99 per video. With the troubleshooting guide it should walk you through each diagnostic process. I have also included one service bulletin and a parts breakdown.

  • If this is the answer to my problem to watch 25 videos I don’t need the service you offered. Cancel and refund my payment since I’m not watching an6 or your videos
  • There is no definitive answer for you unless you run the unit through the unit diagnostics provided in the links I sent. You evidently did not read my response. I said the troubleshooting diagnostics guide will guide you through the process. The videos were there if you needed them. If you want me to guess on your problem, then replace the inlet valve. Even a skilled technician would need to go through the diagnostics to diagnose the correct issue.
  • Plus anything you sent has a four button control panel and mine is only three. Just refund my payment your not helping me.
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