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My frontloader stopped working after a repairman replaced the drain pump. It made maybe 3 loads then stopped and the door locked. I had been told by the servicemen in a prior visit eventually it would be the mother board as the front sensorboard has been replaced 2 or 3 times now, so i assumed that was the issue as the door was also locked. In replacing the controlboard it turned on and it seemed fine. I ran a test cycle and heard a click like a fuse sound and it powered off. Thinking maybe it was a faulty controlboard I ordered another one and replaced it. Same thing happened. Is it possible its still the drain pump? Or something else?

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There are a few possibilities. The first thing I would check is for the proper power supply into the unit. You want to make sure your outlet has 1) The correct power. 2) Your hot / neutral power is correct. 3) The outlet is properly grounded. You can get this Klein tester for $10.00 at this link below if you do not have a volt meter. If the outlet test properly. Then you will need to put the unit into the diagnostic mode to check for stored error codes. The instructions are on page #4 in the technician diagnostic’s guide link below. All of the fault codes are listed in this technician sheet to tell you the error and how to fix the problem.

  • There are three links I supplied. 1) The service manual. 2) Technician diagnostics 3) Parts breakdown. You must be logged in to you account to see these links. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vnutmrgoptbsa02/TechSheet-W10602465-RevB.pdf?dl=0
  • I refreshed the page and the links are there so im a jerk, but also. Still not advice as its impossible to run diagnostics with no power. Its on page 6-2 though for the next person wondering what to do if your machine wont power on. Since the control board clicked like the last one like the sound of a fuse blowing do i need to buy another one ? each time they power on but then initiating a cycle is click. The audible click of a fuse never to turn on again.
  • If you cannot power the unit to put it into the diagnostic mode, you will need to start with the motherboard so you can run it through the diagnostics. That’s what our technician would need to start with.
  • ok im ordering another one, the third. What would cause these to burn out? im just assuming as this will be my third time now ordering and installing for it to break.
  • My best advice is to have a Factory authorized Whirlpool PSP ( Preferred Service provider ) technician come out and install the board. They will check the wiring at the outlet for proper polarity and grounding. They will also check for proper voltage to the board harness. They will also verify it is the board or what is causing the board to short out. The PSP technician has direct access to the Whirlpool technician line where they can get help if there is an issue. They will also warranty the new board if it shorts out after installation.
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