Customer icemaker not producing ice. No water in Mold. No 120vac to icemaker at test points. Tried jumping. No movement. Tested harness checks for continuity. Replaced icemaker anyway just to check my diagnostics. No power to new icemaker. This unit uses. Adaptive defrost and control boards..
What do I test next? What part supplies power to icemaker and where is it located? I believe boards are located in fresh food section. Your help is appreciated.

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Tested for voltage and continuity at icemaker and harness.no voltage yes to continuity. Replaced icemaker.

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See the technician diagnostic sheet link below along with the wireing diagram. A few things to check
1) ( Automatic Lock Out)
This shuts down both ice and water mechanisms of dispenser when either mechanism has run continuously for 3 minutes. To return power to dispenser, press and hold DISPENSER LOCK for 3 seconds. Auger motor shuts off automatically after 3 minutes of continuous operation. After about 3 minutes in shut-off state, auger motor resets automatically.
2) There is an internal fuse in the ice maker harness on the ( RD ) number #4 pin . If this is open it will not cycle.
3) The (HVPCB) The High voltage control board also sends power don to the ice maker.
Hope this helps Matt Ace technician

  • Does his unit require to have the freezer door closed to apply power to the ice maker ?
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