the Refrig makes a fairly strong humming noise until one of the refrig doors is opened. Then it stops. It starts again when the door is closed. Don’t notice any other issues at this point.

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Nothing. A repair person came out to replace the flapper on the left side, but assumes its a fan kit and they want to charge over $400.

This refrig is only 6 years old!

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It does sound like its diagnosed correctly. When you open the door the evaporator fan motor will shut off. When closing the door it makes a switch to turn on the fan motor. I have provided a service manual to test a verify if its the motor. I would ask for the part number of the fan kit the company wants to charge you over $400 to install. You can then call your another repair company with the part number and verify the estimate is within a fair part & labor range. All appliance repair companies should provide a part number with the paid service call estimate.

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