The samsung fridge is not cooling or freezing. I found codes 83 and 84 related to the compressor and went ahead and replaced the inverter board. The board light stays on steday and the fan runs on the compressor. I think this indicates normal operation. However its still not cooling or freezing. I don’t know if there are steps to take to reset the fridge. i have left it unplugged for an hour with the hope that it would reset and start to cool. I have also looked again at the error log and nothing new is reported. I ran the self diagnostic 2 fridge sensor error and received a “C” in the response thinking that a temperature sensor might be the problem. These are the parts I considering to replace but want to know if I’m in the right

Temperature sensor (DA32-00029Q)
Thermal fuse assembly (DA47-00301B)

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Did the compressor start after replacing the inverter board? Go to page #144 in the troubleshooting link below. This will help you diagnose the compressor operation. If the compressor is running you will need to access the freezer evaporator to see if you have an even frost pattern across the evaporator coil. If you have no frost or partial frost pattern then you have a refrigerant leak that needs to be repaired. See all manual links below.

  • I have a compressor start and the lamp is on steady on the driver board. the fan is running and the compressor is warm. The fridge and freezer would not initially cool. Upon start stayed stuck at 74,70 but temperature indicators fell to what was set 34, 0. I checked voltage at the two temperatre sensors by unpluggin CN30 and CN31 and measuting between pins 5,6 got 4.88V on one and 4.56V on the other. I unplugged it for 24 hours and then restarted it. I did get some cooling to 64 and 61. Not sure if this is a sensor issue ( not telling the unit kick in the cooling) or logic( the main board does not know what to do with the signal) or the compressor itself is just not operating at its capacity. I see or hear nothing leaking out of it. Not sure how to go about checking the compressor or cycling it
  • Hello This is a reciprocating compressor. It takes R600 refrigerant. The refrigerant charge is 1.97 ounces or ( 56Grams ). R600 is a flammable refrigerant but there is only a very small amount in your system. You will not hear the refrigerant leak out or smell it since there is a such small amount. Most of the Samsung refrigerators have a 5- year sealed system warranty. Is this under 5- years old ? A sealed system warranty consists of your compressor, evaporator, condenser and all refrigerant and tubing. I would get you model and serial number and call Samsung at 1-800-726-7864 to see what warranty you may have on this unit before putting and more parts on it. If your compressor is running you have a high probability of a refrigerant leak.
  • contacting Samsung for the second time. reason I’m here is because had no luck in getting someone from EEFIX last time. they are trying them again though. This company doesn’t return phone calls. or follow up. I’ve been out of service more than a week and a half at this point plenty upset at samsung and will never recommend their products
  • We are in a dealer network. What sate and city do you live in? I will see if I can find a Samsung servicer in your area.
  • Hello I just wanted to offer an update on this. I did reach out to Samsung and engaged the refund/exchange people since I could get not service from them. They adivsed me to pay for a diagnosis which I did through Mr. Appliance. They confirmed the problem with the cooling system and it was covered under the 5 year warranty. They could not service the unit though as they did not have certification for the R600. Apparently no on here in upstate NY except for maybe the provider that Samsung contracts with EEfix. However EEFix was un responsive to both myself and Samsung and the reason why we went down this path of a refund. I shared the workorder from Mr. Appliance with Samsung and they agreed to refund all the money for unit. While it was frustrating to work with Samsung and their process at times, I do appreciate their doing this. I have received the money and purchased a new Samsung unit that will hopeully be delivred next week!
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