hello, this front load washer is about 6yrs old. Complaint tub bangs and sounds off balance. I started drain & spin cycle WITH NO CLOTHES IN IT and once it began to spin the tub started banging. as it picked up speed it stopped banging and sounded normal. So its when it first starts to spin bang bang then it settles down. THIS WAS WITH NO CLOTHES IN IT.

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I removed the top of the washer & checked the 2 big support springs, looks ok. Removed the back of the washer and checked the 4 shocks. All 4 looked ok not loose or broken. Tub bearing is normal, no up & down movement. Bearing sounds normal. Tub spider is not loose. My thoughts are maybe the shocks are not doing their job, even though they look ok. Or does the tub have a balance ring built in it that looses its effect??? If so how would you be able to check that??? the washer is level and firm on the floor. This is a problem where everything looks ok but its not. Thanks Jim.


Be sure you have a level stable base that the washer sits on. If you do we find the shocks getting weak causing this issue in most cases. See technician sheet and Job Aid diagnostics link below.

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