I have changed the water valve and it still freezes up. I have ran the diagnostics and the ice room temperature sensor is good, showing 3 degrees. The icemaker test is good. When I de ice the fill tube it will work and make ice for less than a day then refreeze.
It has done this 3 times.

The first time I found it froze and tried to run the diagnostics it would not work until I unplugged it and restarted it then it was ok.
What is causing this problem. The FILTER is good and so is the water pressure.
Is there a service bulletin on this or some other issue?
Or what?

Model Number
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Hi. Sounds like you covered everything that would normally cause a frozen fill tube. I did not find any service pointers for this one. I know they had issues with poor insulation on these units. The main issue would be ice forming on the outside of the unit. This would be on the back of the unit. They had “blanket kits” for this. Check the back of this unit for that ice. Look for rust spots or condensation. The ice would form around water lines in the back. This could be why your fill tube is keeps freezing. Also, there is an update for the seals in the ice box. the issue would be frost and ice forming in the ice box around the ice maker.

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