Refrigerator is not defrosting, ice is actually building up on the evap coil’s so much it’s coming inches out of evaporator coil cover, Looked everywhere and cannot locate defrost control. Looked up top in thermostat box not there, looked underneath kickplate at bottom could not find, also cannot see defrost control on any drawings of unit. Need to know where defrost control is located.

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Have disassembled thermostat box where thermostat adjustment is located, nothing in there. Took off kick plate and look underneath and can’t find defrost control in there. Have searched many pictorial drawings I cannot locate defrost control model number or location anywhere

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Go to page #26 in the service manual for the defrost control location pictures. Its behind the grill assembly. Yes, it sounds like you definitely have a defrost issue. I would remove the evaporator cover and make sure you have an even frost pattern across the complete evaporator. If part of the evaporator does not have frost on it that means you have a starved evaporator or low refrigerant charge. If you have an even frost pattern, you have a part of your defrost system that is defective. On this model there are three parts to your defrost system. 1) Defrost timer 2) Defrost thermostat 3) Defrost heater. When you locate the defrost timer there is an advance button on the backside of the timer. Take a flathead screwdriver and turn the button clockwise until you hear a click, that will shut off your compressor and turn on the defrost heater. If you have an amperage probe check it around the #2 wire on the timer, they are clearly numbered 1-4 . If you have amperage, replace the defrost timer, if you do not have amperage then you have a bad heater or thermostat. I would replace them both.

  • Ty, when You say grill, did you mean the grill over the evaporator coil or somewhere else? And also where would I download the service manual from, thank you
  • Hello Do you see the link in red below your answer that says (SERVICE MANUAL ) its under information links?
  • Yes, saw it after I sent message, tried to download dropbox app but will not accept my credit card, can you send to my email at acman30@gmail.com, ty
  • Albert, You do not need a credit card or a dropbox account when viewing these. You also do not need the App. When you click the link, select the button that says “Or Continue to the Website” (below the blue button). The manual will pull right up for you. Dropbox prompts this because they would like people using their app because it is easier to get them to become customers, which is not needed. Also if you pulled the link up on a desktop it will come up directly for you.
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