refrigerator isnt cooling in fresh food or bottom freezer also no fans ecept for compressor fan. Diagnosis showed freezer defrost sensor. after replacing sensor let run for 24 hours still no cool or fans. checked power board had 5 and 12 volts. replaced main control board. could hear Bottom freezer fan run after holding in light switch for 30 seconds. still no ff fan. Run diagnosis indicated main board was running fan. removed back cover and checked for voltage at fan connection. voltage was 0. also noticed coils were not frosting. assuming bad compressor or possible leak but would this cause the fan to shut down. will go out tomorrow and stick some gauges on it. Any help would be appreciated. Customer fridge has been down for four days

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Without going into issues of the the fan motors running or not running, you first want to make sure you have power going down to the compressor. If you have power down to the compressor and the compressor is running, even without the fans running you should have some sort of frost build up. If you have no frost at all you most likely have a sealed system issue and it is time to pull out the gauges and the multi-meter to check the compressor. Back to the fan motors, it does look like there is another board that supplies power to the main board, that may be the root of your fan issues if you have no power going to the motor itself, there is a diagnostic mode you can put the unit into from the display panel that may help you pin down your motor issues better. If you do not have the original GE tech sheet try searching for : RF267 this should be a comparable Samsung model you can get reference material on, GE, for whatever reason, seems to keep the majority of their helpful material under lock and key.

Good luck!

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