I have been having a recurring problem with the back panel inside the refrigerator section to freeze up, ice clogs the defrost drain and then water and ice build up under the vegtible drawers until water leaks into the freezer. three times in the past two years I have unplugged the refrigerator, removed all shelves and manually defrosted the refrigerator then removed the back panel to clear drain. I put it back together and then, within a few months I notice the same water build-up.

I watch your video entitled “Refrigerator Repair: Not cooling properly, freezing up back panel- Samsung. The video, even though listed as a Samsung, appears to have the identical defrosting mechanisim as my GE. the video explains how to change the Bimetal sensor, defrost heater and the ASM temp sensor. However, it does not describe how to diagnosis which part is defective.
Is there a way to put the refrigerator into a “Forced Defrost” mode? this way I could test to see if the defrost heater tube actually heats up.

Is there a way to test the various plugs where the defrost heater, bimetal, and Asm temp sensor plug into? I would like to ensure the plugs are at least getting power during the different stages of the defrost cycle. Thank you very much

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I have defrosted the refrigerator and removed the rear panel in the refrigerator section. I am awaiting instructions on how to further diagnosis the issue.

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The Fresh Food Defrost Cycle in refrigerator evaporator utilizes an adaptive defrost cycle that operates a metal sheath heater to remove frost from the evaporator. If the main board senses any door opening, the defrost cycle is every 12 hours. Otherwise, the defrost cycle is 16 hours.The control board determines the length of time the heater is energized. It does this by monitoring the fresh food evaporator thermistor. Once the temperature of the thermistor reaches 54°F (12°C), the control cycles the defrost heater off. A bimetal safety thermostat provides a backup in the event the evaporator thermistor fails. The safety thermostat prevents the temperature from 140 degrees. See page #24 in the (Technical diagnostics mode and service) link below. This will give you complete diagnostic information. Matt Ace technician

  • I just removed the bimetal defrost thermostat (WR02X12592) the markings read “60/40”. Am I correct to understand that the device should “Open” (no continuity) at 60 degrees and then “close” at 20 degrees (60-40=20)?
  • Matt, what do you mean “It looks like a drain issue more than a defrost issue”? when I open the unit up the drain is frozen, once I let it defrost the drain runs clean. Also, what two part numbers were you referring too? Thanks
  • OK, I just read Brian’s response about which part numbers they recommended. Thanks
  • I just received the part you recommended for my issue: Samsung DA82-01415A. It contains two new drain hoses and some stick-on padding. Can you advise what does the stick-on padding do to correct the freezing drain issue? I do not understand what its purpose would be. Thanks Eric
  • That stick on padding acts as an insulator and a barrier between the floor and pan. It prevents ice build up from coming back.
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