The appliance is only run approximately every 2 weeks as there are only 2 of us seniors in the household. I made all the selections as normal and selected the start, closed the door immediately, and shortly afterward the light started flashing and the beeper comes on. I have canceled the program multiple times and re-selected different programs to see if made any difference, but the same results occurred once the door was shut. I have check all the filters to ensure they are clean. I do not have an electrical schematic to see if there are any other permissive interlocks that could be holding the start initiation sequence out.

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What have you tried so far?

As above, I have tried selecting different cycle selections to see if that made any difference, but it did not. Of course, I have done an internet search for the model number and troubleshoot, but there has not been much specific to the model.

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Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram

Hi. It sounds like you could have a door switch issue. Try pressing start with the door closed to be sure that does not change anything. I have attached the service manual for you. page 44 has diagnostic and error codes. Check to see what error code you have stored. I have seen a couple of these with bad door latches. I also attached repair videos for a similar model.

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