The washer will fill with water just fine but when it starts to wash sometimes it wont start the cycle and then sometimes it will quit in the cycle and it will start a buzzing noise.This will happen in the spin and drain cycles also. Some times you can unplug it from the wall and it will start back up. And sometimes I can tilt the whole machine and it will start back up.
This washer is maybe 5 years old and ever since it was new it would get off balance easily and you will have to rearrange the load. Our old one was over 35 years old Maytag and we never experience problems like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. It sounds like the motor is bad on your washer. It’s possible that there is a loose connection somewhere or the timer is faulty, but its likely the motor bad. Inspect the timer harness and wiring to the motor for any corrosion, broken or loose wires. If wiring check good. I would replace the motor. Attached is a link to purchase the motor.

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