The refrigerator was not running. I look at the main board and observed the green light on the board blinking 6 times continuously after 3 seconds it blinks 6 times continuously. is it an error code or what. The tech sheet said nothing about the blinking light on the main board.

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I ran it though a diagnosis.from the switch on the main board. in the diagnosis the compressor ran, all the fans ran. the defrost and the vent. On the frig and freezer control i was not able to put it into diagnosis. I unplugged it and tested the fuse on the main board. and its good. Plugged it back in, tapped on some relays and now its working. The freezer fan is making noise. there is no ice build up on the evaporator. I can’t tell if i reseted by unplugging or the tapping on the relay.

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Hi. I have attached the service manual for you on this unit. Take a look at page 93. It talks about the blinking LED error code you are getting from the board. The manual has good trouble shooting as well. It will lead you to your solution.

  • Great! Thank you. it appears to be a freon leak in the top left of the evaporator as my first visit to it i found built up ice on the top left and dethawed it. ran fine for a week till i got the call back, found not to be running at all till i did the reset. called the customer and the frig still running but temp to high. Thank you so much for the info. Bill Neighborhood appliance.
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