I can’t get my washer to spin and I keep hearing a clicking sound. I’ve turned it on its side and took off the shield, the belt and motor turn freely by hand. After watching one of your videos, I’m thinking I need the shift actuator part # W10006355 but wanted to see what you think before I purchased it. The washer appears to have a small leak, the actuator looks a little rusty.

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Lee, I will be happy to help you.

I’m looking for just a little more information to assist you better. When you say you hear “clicking” is it coming from the lid lock area? As if the lid lock won’t lock properly? Or do you hear it coming from under the machine, possibly where the actuator is located?

If you think that it’s coming from the area of the actuator I would unplug the unit, tip the unit back and remove the actuator (2 green screws). Then I would manually move the cam arm back and forth to see if the cam engages and disengages freely. If this moves freely I would probably replace the actuator assembly.

As far as your leak goes, that could be a number of possibilities.

I would love to provide you with more precise information, I just need more information from you in order to do so.

I look forward to your reply



Thanks for your response. The clicking is coming from underneath the washer. Not sure if it’s actually coming the actuator or not. I removed the actuator and the cam does move freely. I noticed moving the cam one direction and turning the belt that the tub does not spin, but move cam the other direction and turn the belt and the tub will spin. I assume that is normal?

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