We attempted to repair this machine but will not respond whatsoever. It will beep when pressing the control panel buttons but will not start the cycle. We reset the stackable and the same thing occurs. We also tried replacing the lid switch and main board with no change. We also attempted to put it into service mode in order to look up the error codes in which the stackable would still not respond. Do you know of anything else that could cause this issue? The stackable will just beep three times which we thought to believe would be the lid switch.

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lid switch, main board, service mode

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If you cannot get the unit into diagnostics and you replaced the main control board , you either have one of three possibilities.
1) Your missing a step in entering the unit into the diagnostic mode.
2) You have a defective board.
3) You have the wrong board, we have had boards look exactly alike and be the wrong board. Make sure you double check the part number by the MODEL & SERIAL number for the correct board. We have run into this three different times because the serial number changed the part number. Boards looked identical but internal programming was different. Hard one to catch when you are looking in a different direction.
You must be able to get the unit into diagnostics to proceed forward.
Matt Ace technician

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