This microwave keeps blowing fuses then it will make nothing appear in the display. It only blows the fuse when the heat kicks on. Any other functions doesnt have an issue, but using the heat will blow the fuse.

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We replaced the fuse twice, checked the microswitches, they checked out fine, and none of the boards are burnt or damaged.

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See the service manual link below. Have you tried plugging the unit into a different outlet? You may have a weak breaker or fuse. If it not the outlet, you could have a defective magnetron or a few other possibilities. See magnetron testing below. If it tests fine go to page#10 in the manual link for other component testing.
Magnetron testing
1) Disconnect the power supply cord.
2). Open the drawer and keep it open
3. To discharge high voltage capacitor, wait for 60 seconds.
4. To test for an open filament, isolate the magnetron from the high voltage circuit. A continuity check across
the magnetron filament leads should indicate less than 1 ohm.
5. To test for a shorted magnetron, connect the ohmmeter leads between the magnetron filament leads
and chassis ground. This test should indicate an infinite resistance. If there is little or no resistance the
magnetron is grounded and must be replaced.
6. Reconnect all leads removed from components during testing.
7. Reassemble the unit.
8. Reconnect the power supply cord.
9. Run the oven and check all functions.
The following test procedure should be carried out with the microwave oven in a fully assembled condition.

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