Need a electrical schematic for this refrigerator. I’m not getting power to the evaporator fan.

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Test with a meter losed the netural feed to the evaporator? no 115vac. Can you find a electrical drawing. This refrigerator is very old but still cools fine.

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We do not have a schematic on this older model. I can tell you that you do not have a fan switch on this model. So their is a 80% chance its your defrost thermostat that wires in series with the evaporator fan motor or bad contacts in the defrost timer. You can bypass the defrost thermostat quickly with one wire nut to see if its the thermostat.
Timer #WP4391974 link https://www.savemoreonparts.com/part/wpl/wp4391974
Defrost thermostat # WP52085-28 https://www.savemoreonparts.com/part/wpl/wp52085-28

Matt Ace technician

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