The back of the fresh food section is covered in frost and the evaporator coils are ice up. From inspecting the unit and looking at the parts diagram it does not appear that there is a defrost heater in this model for the fresh food evaporator coils. The ice has built up to the point that the unit is not cooling properly and airflow to the icemaker is restricted so it is not making ice.

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The Evaporator Harness which includes the fan motor and thermistor were replaced after manually defrosting the unit approximately 6 weeks ago. I was called back yesterday as the same issue is back.

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See the service bulletin link below. They have changed the thermistor location. It will frost up again until you change the Thermistor location on page #3 in the service bulletin link. Also make sure your door is closing properly and you have a good seal. Matt Ace technician.

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