washer was shaking. replaced the gear case. then the gear case shifter motor because it wasn’t locking in gear. Now I am getting a le code. Please advise

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Hello allaboutappliances, your model number you provided didn’t seem to be valid… BUT by the looks of your error code, your Kenmore Washer is actually made by LG. LE means that your washer control thinks that the motor is struggling to turn the tub. Now generally this is a false error and isn’t the case at all. But just to make sure, open the door and spin the tub by hand to make sure it spins smoothly. If so, then that means you likely have a common problem where the hall sensor (also known as the RPS sensor) attached to the motor has failed and will need to be replaced because it’s not measuring the motor’s strain properly. If you pull the washer out and unplug the washer, you can remove the screws going into the back access panel and set the access panel off to the side. Remove the bolts holding the rotor and motor onto the tub which are located directly in the middle on the back of the tub. There is a plastic sensor clipped onto the back side of the motor with a few small wires going to it. This is your RPS sensor you need to replace. Attached is a link to the Sensor and a how to replace video… Once again, your model number did not come up when I plugged it in, so I am just going off of my past experience and a very general explanation. If you could provide a valid model that would be helpful… Please let me know if this applied to your model…
Thanks, Tony-AceTech52

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