We replaced a compressor in the refrigerator that wasn’t cooling at all. The freezer now is getting to -10 but the refrigerator wont get below 45. We replaced the evap fan motor, control board, and both dampers. checked all vents to look for obstructions found nothing. There seems to be no airflow into the refer from the freezer once the freezer door is closed but once it opens then it seems like it gets a lot more airflow. Is there any common airflow issue or any solution we haven’t addressed yet? Please advise

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Compressor, Main Board, 2 dampers, evap fan motor, cleaned condensor coil.

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Did it cool in the FF section immediately or within 24 hours of the compressor installation ?
Here are the possibilities that could cause your issue.
1) Refrigerator light not shutting off.
2) Refrigerator therimstor – If new thermister was installed it could be wired in REVERSE . See ( RC ) diagnostics in the manual link below.
3) Defective door switch, possibly caused by door not aligned properly to make the switch.
4) The Air Door Damper wired in REVERSE. See service bulletin on Air Diverter, new part number is new diverter #2309222.
5) The evaporator fan motor blade installed upside down.
6) Part of the defrost system defective causing frost on the coil restricting air flow to refrigerator section.
7) The foam diverter at the top, rear section of the freezer compartment may be missing or miss-positioned. Preventing proper airflow to the refrigerator section is interrupted and the air returns may become blocked with ice. ( See service bulletin link below on foam diverter )
8) The foam air baffle on the top right hand side of the evaporator may be loose, out of position, damaged or
missing. If it allows warm air from the refrigerator to pass by, ice can form above and below the baffle, all the way
down into and blocking the air return. SEE SERVICE bulletin ( Foam air baffle )

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