I replaced the main control board on this Kenmore dryer have 120 Going to the main control board no lights will not respond. I am considering that I might have a bad replacement main control board. do you have a schematic of a Kenmore or a whirlpool that you could tell me what voltages I should have going to the touch control display board. I have considered ordering the display touch pad board but would like to be sure before I order another board. Thank you for your help.

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replaced main control board measured voltages to the main control board. have checked connectors and wiring.

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Hi. I show the main control as p# 8546219. IS this the board you installed? If so, and you have correct power to the main board and still no display it must be a faulty console/ U.I p # 8558758. Make sure you have 120v from hot to neutral and from hot to ground and 0 between neutral and ground. Check voltage at the board with the harness plugged in to make sure the voltage is not dropping out. I believe I found the tech sheet on this unit for you, or one very similar. It might have some voltage information to help you diagnose the correct part.

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