All the dryer does is flash pause. It won’t even let me cancel. Therefore I can’t retrieve errors or run the service mode. The door switch tests good.
Can a bad door switch or thermal cut off or another bad part forbid me to extract the codes or even enter diagnostics?

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Hello, it is possible that the thermal cutoff may cause what you are experiencing so be sure to check it for continuity. Otherwise I have attached the service tech sheet for your model to first be sure you are properly attempting to put the dryer into diagnostics.It is also important to make sure you have the proper 220 volts at the terminal block connection on the back of the dryer where the power cord is attached. Also be sure that all wiring is not burned or compromised at the terminal block. If the door switch and thermal cutoff are good and you have 220 volts at the terminal block without any compromised wiring (and are properly attempting but failing to get unit to enter diagnostics) then it is a strong possibility the user interface is bad. If it is stuck in pause mode and will not accept selections then the user interface is the most likely cause.

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