Eight months ago it did the same thing. Then it displayed ErFs shorted or disconnected freezer sensor . I chocked the ohms. There was some variation. I changed the sensor and it worked for 8 months.
Then it reoccured. They lost everything in the freezer but said the refrigerator section was ok. Then it worked fine for several days then both sections failed and lost All their food.
I just checked it for error codes and it showed NONE.
Is there no end to these kinds of situations?????
What do you all do in these situations. I know you must face them almost daily. You can’t just throw parts at it.
Are there any service bulletins for this. Any video’s or technical training that can help now and in the future???

Model Number
What have you tried so far?

I watched the premium videos but to no avail.

Request Resource Materials
Service diagnostics guide, Wiring diagram, Service bulletins, Service pointers, Job aids, Videos, Any available materials

This sounds like a possible compressor overheating and shutting off on the internal overload possibly. We had the same situation and symptoms you are explaining.
If the refrigerator is installed in a “counter depth” arrangement—pull the refrigerator out.
Check that the temperature in the “compressor compartment” if its excessively hot the compressor will start short cycling. If airflow is poor something must be done to improve cooling/air movement.
See link to the complete service manual below.

  • What is the temperature of the newer variable speed compressor? I’ve noticed they do not get as hot.
  • Its hard to diagnose something when its running properly when you arrive. We run into the same thing. You can only check so much. I let the customer know we would need to see it in its failed state. Sounds like you fixed it with the sensor the first time and now you have a different issue. These units are common to have a sealed system issue. They are known for faulty compressors. They usaully have a 5 or 10 yr warranty on compressors. If everything is running and air flow is good you could check your frost pattern to verify you have a sealed system issue.
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