We went to service a Samsung fridge that is not cooling on fresh or freezer side. Error code displayed as 22 C but we could not find anything with this error code. Compressor is a bit on the warm side but not hot and it does turn on. Evaporator and fan look good as well. Please advise.

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Hello, i did not find anything on a 22c error code, But what i can tell you is that if the compressor is running and all fans are working you need to look at the frost pattern on the coils, odds are there will be no frost pattern. With no frost pattern you will need to hook up some gauges and see what the pressures are.

  • Here are the common error codes below. are you sure its 22C and not 22E ? Matt Ace technician Display is 88 88 And Will Not Respond: To fix this error code, unplug the refrigerator for 1 minute and then plug back in to clear the fault code. Error Code 1 E: Freezer Sensor error. Error Code 2 E: Freezer Sensor error. Error Code 4 E: Freezer Defrost Sensor error. Error Code 5 E: Fridge Defrost Sensor error. Error Code 6 E: Ambient Sensor error. Error Code 8 E or 39 E: Ice Maker Sensor error. Error Code 21 E: Freezer Fan error. Error Code 22 E: Fridge Fan error. Error Code 23 E: Condenser Fan error. Error Code 24 E: Freezer Defrost error. Error Code 25 E: Fridge Defrost error. Error Code 26 E or 39 E: Ice Maker Function error. Error Code 83E, 85E, or 86E Error Codes: These error codes are related to voltage and current reception at the PBA Inverter. 83E specifically is caused by abnormal current caused by things like a power outage. This error is temporary and can be fixed by unplugging the unit for 1 minute and then plugging it back in.
  • Hello, I am sure it was 22C. I also thought it was wrong but every time I did the troubleshoot it was 22C. We called the factory and they don’t even know what this error code is and this is not the first time someone called inregards to this error code. The refrigerator was still under warranty and the customer wanted the warranty to deal with it.
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